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Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Cleaning

       One morning I gather up the motivation to get rid of old things… you know the kind of stuff that just piles up; cluttering your life? Sometimes it can get so cluttered that you can’t add any more things to it. You somehow ran out of room and allowed certain things to take up space. As I go through clothes, shoes and other objects that wasn’t needed. I think of the past times what I have worn this dress or how many times I have stepped out in an old pair of pumps. There was once a time that I would buy something new then over look things that are old and would continue to overlook the things that in the past or things that I don’t wear or use any more. I continue to hold on to the old things and piling new things on top, which was taking up so much room in my life that there was no room for me to bring in anything new. I wouldn’t have anywhere to put it.
It’s like holding on to so much baggage… so much of a load to carry if you don’t
release and remove what’s holding you down in life. 

Before, a person can hold a grudge, hold in anger, hold in so much power of hate from past issues, past hurts and other things that may make a person want to carry so many burdens. Through life's journey that can’t seem to find any happiness. Happiness that you can have yet you prevent from enduring because you can’t let go of past issues and move on with what can be better for you. They say there's a reason why your past never made it to your future.

That’s just the way life is. Something’s you can’t let go in life to the point that you continue to build on top of it; past hurt and past misery that you continue to let control your thoughts and your actions. There was once saying "If you let the past deter you from your present you will let it control your future". By cleaning your mind out of those thoughts and feelings you’re able to let in new beginnings.  
Clean out your closet; get rid of worn and old shoes that you keep pushing to the back. Set free old baggage and negativity… anything that’s taking up to much space in your life that can bring you down. No one wants to continue to pile up so much mess that you don’t have room to store new happiness, new love, new friends, or new phases in life. 
Things that you can never let go will never give you the chance to live your life. Will never give you the opportunity to try something new, go somewhere new… or to even feel comfortable with meeting new friends. When you allow things in life to hold you back, you are allowing the past to plant seeds in your future. It’s time to Spring clean and let go of old habits, old items… old heartache and friendship… You have to prepare yourself to bloom for a new season… a season of growth.