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Monday, March 23, 2015

God's Love Letter

My beloved,
You are always on My mind. There has never been a moment in, and before,
your life that you have not been the apple of My eye. I know every nuance of your being, yet I want you to share so much more of yourself…freely.
 I am so in tuned with you that with every breath I know what you want, need and desire. I contemplate your every move and I have made provisions for you. 
Can you even fathom that I have known you in a way that allows Me to know your thoughts and prepare answers for them, in advance? I have so many surprises stored up for you…I know you love surprises. Yes, I am always thinking about you. I know where and how you will position yourself when things get tough and I wait for you there. 
My arms are always open and my heart is always ready to listen. You are safe with me. You can be your truest self and never fear rejection. I won’t leave you. I will not abandon you, in any way. I will not be absent or distant or distracted. I will look you in the eyes, lean in and hear what it is that you need and give it to you. I know that you are tempted to doubt the intensity and sincerity of my love, yet I won’t budge. 
There is no shadow of turning, with me. I chose you with full knowledge of your faults, your fears, your insecurities, your distractedness, your forgetfulness and knowing that you could never love me in the same way. I love you with your tainted past and your impure thoughts. I love you when you are absent from me and when our relationship doesn’t make it onto your priority list for the day. 
I love you even when you do not feel like I do. I love you knowing that you compare me to others. I love you knowing that you put more stock in what the adversary says to you than I do…when you don’t trust me. I love you knowing that you are afraid, even when I have never given you a reason to fear me. I love you when you say you want more of me, yet you push me away when I come close. I want you to fully know, as you are known, the length and breadth and width of my intimate passion for you and all that pertains to you. I want you to know that you can trust my love, lean into it and abandon all thoughts of your past lovers. 
Open your arms and let me embrace you. Open your mouth and let me breathe for you. Open your heart and let me show you how to accept all that I have for you. I love you so much that I watch you sleep. I count your breaths and every flutter of your eyes. I examine every surface area of your being. I am an expert on you. I know you in a space and time that has yet to be revealed to you. I do that because I want to be prepared for any and every thing, so that I can be what you need. I am enough for you, but I know that you need other people, too. I am ok with that. I love you…the part of you that has no name; the part of you that is yet to be known. 
You don’t have to be ashamed of who you are, what you have done or what you think and say. I love the smile that no one sees. I gently kiss away those tears that are hidden from view. I hold your aching heart, in the palm of My hand, so you do not fully feel the weight of all the pain. I am sweeping the ground on which you walk to remove excess debris that is intended to derail you. I love you. I take away the death grip of grief and buffer you from its intensity. I do not take it all away because I want you to trust Me enough to come to Me with it – hand it over and receive My peace that is prepared just for you. I love you. I got you in a way that you have not fully experienced, yet. However, I am patient – My love compels Me to wait.