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Sunday, February 22, 2015


 ENLARGE: to make larger; expand, to become larger, expand. How many of you are in this place? You feel the stretching, the pulling, the expansion, and the enlargement of your Spirit? Go with it. It is good for you. I woke up this morning in praise and worship to God. I was listening to Israel and New Breed's-TAKE THE LIMITS OFF. As the song ministered to my Spirit, the voice of the Lord spoke to me in a still small voice and said "EXPANSION HAS COME FOR YOU AND IN YOU, PREPARE YOURSELF TO GO". (not that I have not heard this or been in this place before). I began to weep and just tell the Father THANK YOU for the NEW Journey that lies ahead for HIS GLORY. 
Then I began to think about my journey and what it has taken for me to arrive in this
Denise Chase
place only to realize that the whole journey has been one of ENLARGEMENT and EXPANSION. I thought about how my journey began, not knowing anything other than what I was told and what I saw and how I began to mimic others, not aware that what I was mimicking was wrong. Moving on, I thought of how I came into the knowledge of the TRUTH of God and His Kingdom and what HE required of me. My first step of enlargement, dying to the flesh, and living in the Spirit. 
Allowing God to detox me of the former teachings and information, learning HIS way. Next, I just reflected on how the Father has grown me up in HIM. The hard lessons and places I've had to walk through (and yet do). The many nights of wondering, questioning and being of afraid of what "tragedy" was to come next in my life and God, are you really there? Is this your will for my life? The suffering, the pain, the agony, the disappointment, the slip ups, rejection how can anything good come from all of this, I thought. Only to get to the other side of it all and realize that it was my making process. God showed me and told me it was necessary for me to go through this process (me being the clay and HE being the Potter) to be made the vessel HE needed and wanted me to be for HIS use.
 I had to totally release and relinquish myself to the WILL, WAY,  & WORD and into the HANDS OF THE LORD to be ENLARGED AND EXPANDED. The purpose? I had to be made ready to hold the anointing, wisdom, word, understanding, and power of God so that HE could yet have access in this earth realm to manifest the Glory of HIS Kingdom. Why do you share this Apostle? I'm glad you asked. I share this because many of us are still in a struggle of knowing who we are and what our God given purpose is in the earth and in the Kingdom. 
We are still running here and there looking for man to confirm or validate our existence, when the reality is what we are searching for we already possess. Some of us have allowed ourselves to be placed in positions (in ministry and life) that do not fit us, are not beneficial for us or to us and are not fulfilling us or the Will of God for our lives. We sit frustrated and angry because we know there's more, but don't know how to get to it. Well my brother's and sister's your DELIVERANCE HAS COME. The inner turmoil you are going through is your Heavenly Father getting your attention to say, it's time to COME UP HIGHER; it's time to EMBRACE and EMBODY the true essence of who you are IN HIM. IT'S TIME TO TAKE THE LIMITS OFF!! 
The limits of yourself, and the limits that man has placed, on you. Simply, it's time to follow the REAL, TRUE ORDER OF GOD.
When something or someone is ENLARGED/EXPANDED there is a greater capacity to hold more, there is more room to maneuver. That's what the Father desires of and for us. Isaiah 54:2 says: Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitation: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes. (KJV). The NLT says it like this: Enlarge your house (YOU, emphasis mine); build an addition; spread out your home!
What is God saying? He is saying go beyond what you know or think you know, build or add onto what you have been taught (all has not been wrong or bad), don't be afraid to be different, take heed to HIS voice, stop being stifled by the opinions of others or yourself. God is saying make room for the more HE has for you and what He wants to put in you. It's time to JUST DO IT!! (like Nike says). 
When we outgrow clothes, shoes and etc, we get rid of them (either trashing them or blessing some else) to make room for new, right? The same principle applies here. Be encouraged my brother's and sisters. Take heed and obey what YOU hear the Father speaking to you. Don't worry, stop holding back just do it. The Father has need of thee. TAKE THE LIMITS OFF and ENLARGE YOUR TERRITORY Going Forth in KINGDOM POWER,