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Sunday, February 22, 2015


“I am beautiful. I am powerful. I am free”
-Rossetta Thurman
                  Lately, I have been following a few life coaches, one happens to be Steve Harvey and other one is  Rossetta Thurman. After reading Thurman's blog about writing yourself a love letter, I came to the conclusion that loving yourself is what makes life worth living. Life and love can take you through so many life changing situations.
Sade Collins
Some individuals live by love and then there are some who die by love. Love is judge so much amongst the world that we tend to let it control our very being. In this blog,Thurman's key in on love and life itself and the ways of the world in which we should be grateful. 

Although a person may or may not have all the things that a person would want materialistically… but forget what is wanted as a material… materials are only necessities.  For which we should all be grateful and give thanks and praises for what we do have to survive as a human race; food, shelter, clothing, and water. We have ourselves and plus we have each other to be uplifted. In her blog, Thurman also mentions how to create an ideal life, but choosing to live by the grace of God abundantly. 

Of course, life may bring about troubles, but at the end of every dark tunnel there is a power of strength that is built within you for your struggles that you have overcame. Struggles that only you may go through and not everyone can see or believe that your shoes are made for you to walk in. Based on the struggles, depriving you from self-love and self-happiness and only weaken the soul. 

                  By writing a love letter to yourself you are creating affirmations for the future. There's not a person to affirm your life other than yourself? Not one person can step into the shoes that you are to take to love yourself whole, but only you. Of course you have your friends, your family or even our spouse. No one see that self-doubt that you keep covered or feel that envy, jealousy or those insecurities but yourself. We all fake the funk when it comes to the reality of things. We all have been down that road when it comes to comparing what you have and don’t have. The thing is, you never know what a person goes through to get to where they are trying to go. Same goes for anyone. You are in control of yourself, your life and your decisions don’t make the choices off of what someone else thinks or feel. That’s creating you into the character that God didn’t have set for you.

                  When you come to terms of changing and accepting your flaws you are loving and accepting yourself for the person God has chosen you to be. When Rossetta says, “I am beautiful. I am powerful. I am free.” She saying that no man or woman can take away her joy for who she is. Size, look or even age, she’s beautiful and he knowing that herself bring about so much peace in her life. It enables her to be powerful when it comes to her confidence and enables her to feel free when it comes to her self-development as ROSSETTA. No words , thoughts and or judgment can change that belief and faith. Of course you would have to confirm that for yourself. In agreement, I AM BEAUTIFUL . I AM POWEFUL. I AM FREE!