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Monday, January 19, 2015

Arose From The Thorns

Sometimes in life we become discouraged by the things that happen to us and we forget that all things have a purpose.  Every trial we experience is a learning tool.  We may not always receive
John Keenan - Columnist
the lesson at the time that it is given to us, but believe me, it is there waiting for us to find and acknowledge it.  If you separate a rose from its thorns, you take away its ability to protect itself from the things in life that will come along and harm its delicate petals. 

            At some point, we must develop a tough exterior in order protect the most delicate parts of ourselves.  We have to become less offended and hurt by the things that people do to or say about us.  We must find ways to pray, shake it off and continue to move forward.  Some things will surely scar you, but it is completely us to us on whether or not we will allow those things or people to cripple and immobilize us.
   Let every moment you experience enlighten you, and not dampen or darken your spirit because essentially we are sponges that will soak in any and everything that we are subjected to.  The free will that God gave us is ultimately our Achilles heel.  Why?  Because we have the power of choice without the wisdom to know how to use it.  Of course, this does not apply to everyone but just being honest, there are a lot of us that believe everything we hear, see and are told about ourselves.  We must never forget whose we are.  It is in that identity that we find who we are. 

That revelation helps create a happy internal atmosphere in our lives.  It helps us to develop those thorns we need to protect our delicacies.      
         When someone goes into attack mode, it is usually done through misunderstanding or the unwillingness to learn.  That is where hatred stems from; a lack of knowledge and a refusal to understand or find common ground with that thing, person or situation we claim to hate.   In most cases, the things we hate are the things we fear or can’t comprehend.  That makes it important to love.  Love is the only thing that can successfully penetrate those thorns that protect you but if it is real love, you won’t have to worry about a lack of protection.  Love covers all things.  If it were not for love, Jesus Himself would not have been the example that He was meant to be.  The thorns He was protected by were the very thorns that He was mocked with in the form of a crown on His head.  Alas, He was still resurrected and that is the example of love that is meant to guide us through everything. 

            Do not allow your thorns to be a burden.  Let them be the armor you need to carry on.  Let love be the only thing that can break though that barrier while keeping it intact.  Do not allow your worries, doubts, fears or your imperfections make you vulnerable enough to think that you are not strong enough to make it.  Just as Jesus arose from His thorns, allow yourself to be a rose that is protected by them.