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Monday, January 19, 2015

Reality Check

Life has its advantages and disadvantages… for some reason the route is always the hard way to learn and to be aware of. For the past few months I have come across different people… achievers, believers… and even those who were goal setters. Then there are those who chose the other route in
life that I tend to question. As I sit at the bus stop and await for my six year old niece bus to arrive… the location is in a rural area where the crime rate is high and the population is majority of the African- American race.

 Although as a child, I was raised in the same type of environment, around the same crowd, living off of the same governmental or public assistance. I question on why I wasn’t in the same position as those that I have seen walking, riding the transportation bus… struggling and striving to make ends meet. Some whose faces I remember as a child. As I sit and wait, I ponder the difference between those who I have come across and question why my life is so different from theirs.

Not only days ago, in the same neighborhood that my niece lives occurred shooting by a seventeen year old. Leaving the result with one dead, three wounded… one of the three being a one year old. As a child of course we are blinded by the reality of life. For my niece, I tend to question her future, her upbringing… her surroundings. Although, life can get in the way of itself there is always a positive tunnel in the end it may never be that way for some. Life itself can get in the way of reality… of truth… of indifference.  I am never the one too quick to judge those who are living in the projects; because I myself was one of those children getting off of the bus and such a setting as the projects that now my niece is being raised in.
    When the bus arrives, I sit there, watch each child run along, going their separate ways laughing, giggling, and playing. I realize they are just innocent. Not understanding the ways of the world. Like me, when I was younger, being a child was all that mattered; not bills, not having good or bad credit… just the life of living with the joy of fulfillment. Not knowing where the road will lead for each individual, I pray that they make it out of their environment; I pray that they are believers and achievers. Unlike the seventeen year old who will be facing a life in prison at such a very young age.

    I question my ability to make it out of the hell hole that I once was raised to be a part of, although as a child I didn’t know too much of nothing about drugs, gangs and any of the killings that occurred around me like I do now with my adult vision and mind… The world is much different from the view of a child. As for my niece, I wonder is it right for me to not only want to protect her mind from the world outside of what she know. It’s a fearful thing to know… the knowledge is there… the lifestyle is different and yes the struggle is real. Sometimes in life, we all need a reality check on where we once started to where we are now. Life isn’t so great for everyone we must learn to take our blessing and opportunities as they come. Our off springs indulge from what they do and see…  choose to live wisely for the sake of their future.