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Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Greatest Inspiration—New Year, new you?

A new year, but is it really a new you? At the stroke of midnight between Dec 31, 2014 & Jan 1, 2015, many of us make idle promises of becoming better. We vow to eat healthier, workout more regularly, join/attend church, become more diligent in ________ (you fill in the blank). We never realize or fully understand, that without a changed mindset, we’ll digress (rather easily I might add) to our “2014” selves. Change is never easy or fun. As a matter of fact, it’s the one thing that tends to cause the most inner turmoil in our lives.
What causes change? External influences, physiological or health challenges, finances, career switch, family or friends?? All of these things can contribute to the chaos within. How do we become the
Erika Whitehead- Columnist
new creation like the word of God states? It begins in our minds. What drives you? What sets you off? What are your strengths/weaknesses? Now, what’s your plan?
We all insist on doing things our way to help us adjust to change, but truth be told, most times, we must adjust “on the fly” because changes typically hits us without warning. Changing our mindsets must be continual so our reactions to the change will become more fluid. Once our minds have reconciled that change is inevitable, our hearts must follow. What is your heart telling you? What has God told you about your purpose? Who is in your corner to support the changes, so you can be in-line with who you’re destined to become? Many people will say they’re in your corner, but when it’s time to execute the assignment, many waver or fall off altogether. Those who are closest to you, may not be the ones God will allow to be witnesses to your future, and they could be causing you more harm than help. Make time to take inventory of those around you, because the next step is crucial!
Finally, with change comes movement. It could be physical changes, lifestyle changes, career moves, even relocation. Fresh starts will reveal your many strengths and unfortunate weaknesses. It will definitely test the substance of your faith (belief system). These changes will challenge you to take the self- imposed limitations off of your life and begin moving with intention.
The key to change? COMMITMENT! Everyday will be a chance to decide whether to stick with the program or wimp out. Something as simple as choosing to not eat after 9pm will come with an internal battle. Designating time to wake up and pray, will come with a tremendous amount of spiritual warfare. Are you willing to commit? Change comes at a price and most times, it’s our discomfort.
I’m here to let you know, there are millions of us facing these new terms, that we’ve set for ourselves, at the turn of the new year. You’re not alone in this battle between wants and needs, change and staying the same. We must make up our minds to focus on the finished product. What is that you ask? How do you stay inspired? Better health, deeper spirituality, prosperity in every arena of your life, peace, contentment, and purpose…are among some excellent reasons to stay the course. I know it’s easier said than done. I’m one of those who go through daily battles to quit or keep pushing. I don’t appreciate when the Lord awakens me before sunrise, but I must commit to the end result. I must continue to realize that my obedience to pray can be the difference between my children being safe and family members being saved or not. My commitment to losing a few pounds can be that line I draw to end the generational curse of diabetes in my family or continue the cycle. Your mind has to be made up so drastically that even those around you will notice your determination, and choose to either move out of your way, or cheer you on.
It’s amazing the difference a new year can make. Let it be the inspiration you need to step into change with boldness, knowing you’re not alone. Settle it in your mind that if change must happen, you will come through it victoriously! Don’t let change just be the first few months of 2015, but a lifestyle transformation, that leads you into greatness!