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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Prayer and Procrastination

Prayer and Procrastination

“In Jesus name, Amen”.  That is how a Christian’s prayer usually ends.  After that is said and done, it is supposed to be just that; done.  God in Heaven has received your request, He hears your cry and He knows your heart.  Somehow though, we have been tricked to believe that doing just that is enough.
John Keenan, Don Savant, Poet
Yes, God does hear your prayers and He answers them at His will.  Yes, we are to give everything to Him and allowing Him to provide for us, but nowhere does it say to do absolutely nothing.  Many of us have been in some type of waiting room at some point in our lives.  We will sit and wait for as long as we can stand it. 
 After that period has passed, we have to find something productive to do.  We will grab magazines, play with our phones, and jot down notes or whatever will occupy the time during our wait.  However, when it comes down to our blessings, we will pray and wait.  While we wait, we do nothing.  When nothing comes, we pray harder.  When the desired results are not yielded from that process, we begin to get upset.  We pray the same prayer over and over again that He has already received and yet still, we sit there waiting. 

 We procrastinate and become idle in the forward progression of our lives.  It has been said over and over again that if you do nothing, you receive nothing.  God is waiting to see some sort of activity on your behalf.  When He sees you doing absolutely nothing, pretty much twiddling your thumbs while looking up at Him asking why He has not moved, His answer will always be, “After you”. 
You cannot put in for a new position on your job with the expectation of getting it without proving that you are worthy of that position.  There's work to be done that will show and prove that you are worthy of it.  The same applies to God.  He will not move you into something He feels that you are not ready for.  In the book of James, it states that faith without works is dead.  That means you can pray, and you can believe, but if you sit around doing absolutely nothing, then nothing will be gained.

For a writer, the only way to ever sell books is to first write one.  That process includes, thinking, planning, praying and working.  If the work never gets done, then the book never gets done ,but still, you will sit and wait while thinking about how many books you want to sell.  Each one of us has a dream, but sometimes we refuse to wake up and make it come true.  Pray about it and ask God for guidance.  

 Ask Him to help you through the journey, but realize at the same time that in order to go on a journey in the first place, something must move.  In order to get anywhere, there is a need for transportation.  It doesn’t matter if you are walking, riding a bus, taking a taxi cab, boarding and plane or a boat; something has to move.  In the case of your blessings, goals and dreams seeing the light of day, it is you that has to move.  

When you pray for and about things, know that God hears you and continue to walk in it.  Continue to do what is required of you to make you a qualified candidate for that blessing and when you are blessed, do not keep it to yourself, share it with those who may not be familiar with what a real blessing looks like.  Procrastination will always keep you from procuring the position that lies within your purpose.