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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My Greatest Inspiration

My Greatest Inspiration

Recently, we have been witnessing a string of injustices around the US. It has literally put a spotlight
Erika Whitehead
on underlying racial issues & reset the African descended people’s mindsets, at least 100 years back. In school, we’re taught to obey the laws of the land & those in authority. We’re also taught about civil rights activist & peaceful protests in Selma, Birmingham, & Washington D.C. It never occurred to us that we would become witnesses to protests in Ferguson, MO, Detroit, MI, Seattle, WA, New York City, NY, & Washington DC simultaneously. Unfortunately, we also witnessed what was suppose to be peaceful protests, occasionally turning into upheaval, because of raw emotion (& sometimes ignorance).
Our hearts have either become numb or raw, depending on your viewpoint of the current situations broadcasted by the media. My view? The standpoint of the grieving families & parents. I immediately began to mourn as a mother, aunt, niece, sister, & friend. My heartstrings had been pulled & are still being pulled because a parent has lost a child, a wife has lost a husband, & a child has lost a father. I watched as the media tore apart the stories & the courtrooms disarmed America’s mindset of judicial equality.
All the while, I watched the panged faces of the parents, who through it all, maintained a stiff back, head held high, & speech laced with grief, compassion, & strength. It’s a battle that can only be won on a spiritual playing field, because the battle is not with justice, but the spirit of injustice & lawlessness, that’s running rampant among us. Our nation has been thrust into a state of panic, because it seems that terrorism is on our own soil. Parents are afraid for their male children, fathers/husbands are subjugated to inconsistent law practices of police officials, & countless other civil atrocities are swept under the rug to save face in the sight of other countries. When do we (the US) stop paying attention to what other people think of us, & concern ourselves with the well-being of our own people? We are quick to tell other countries how they should follow our “stellar” example of democracy & justice, when we can’t get it together ourselves! 

I’m inspired to MULTI, INTER, & INTRAGENERATIONAL  ACTION! Many people have protested but then go back home, curse out their children & ignore calls from the school or PTA meetings, they choose not to vote, they barely pay taxes, BUT they can tell you the latest episode of several reality shows or the latest in music & fashion. I’m not called to organize protests, sit ins, etc. but I am called to make an impact for future generations. I’m called to educate my children, nieces, nephews, & any other young adult on how to evolve & to stay in a state of continuous evolution. This kind of knowledge must be as deep-rooted & ingrained as the history in the books we’ve studied in school. It also must be influential, anticipatory, & attainable. We must become more than what we are at this moment. What does it mean to become? Merriam-Webster’s defines become as begin to be; grow to be, turn into; qualify or be accepted as; acquire the status of; to come, change. Lately, our nation has become bitter & resentful towards justice, authority figures, laws, elected officials, & generally most everything that democracy is suppose to entitle us.

When do we become evolved into what God purposed us as a nation? What will it take? I’m determined & inspired to find out! I believe a social awakening is happening before our eyes. Blinders are being removed (or established) & stigmas are being torn down (or rebuilt) depending on your stance. It’s truly about personal choice. We’re at a pivotal point where our youth can still be reached in ways that will contribute to a more conducive & productive future. It’s up to which direction we (adults) choose to take. Which will you choose? It begins with us becoming willing to evolve into something better, something relevant, something historic…not what we see today with the looting, shooting, & riots.

Lord, show us the way to act, not react!