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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Change Your Devotion!

  Change your devotion!

I am often asked if I feel different now that I have accepted my calling into ministry and the answer is no, but I can say that I can see the difference. Let me tell you what I mean. Before I accepted my calling, I knew that God loved me, there was never any question, but when I made my devotion to Him known; I saw a difference in His devotion to me. When I made my devotion to God clearer, I could then see His
La Kisha Johnson
devotion to me to clearer. 

It was almost like the fog that was over my spiritual eyes had been wiped away the moment I truly committed myself to Him. Please understand; I was in church, I went to bible study, I studied the word for myself at home (sometimes), I encouraged folks, I prayed for people, and I did right occasionally, but I wasn’t as devoted as I should have been; to God. I was still running from His calling, still doing some worldly things, still straddling the fence when it was convenient for me, still acting as if I had time to get it right; still not being devoted in my devotion although I seemed to have it all together on the outside when inwardly I was a torn up mess.

But oh, the enemy was rejoicing because he was winning. How? Well, he was getting a part of me. See, as long as I was partially devoted to God, the enemy had a part of me. As long as I was partially committed to God, the enemy was fully committed to me. As long as I was somewhat committed to worship, the enemy was wholly committed to me. As long as I was slightly committed to the message, the enemy was solely committed to my mess.  As long as I was a little committed the enemy was fully invested because all it was going to take was a little while longer for him to get me, so he thought. This is why I had to fully devote myself to devotion with God because I found peace there. I found joy when I fully devoted myself to devotion with God. Everything I thought I had couldn’t even compare to what I gained when my devotion became devoted!

I had to look at it like this. How can I expect God to do anything for me if I couldn't do anything for Him? That’s like me expecting a check from my job without working. It doesn’t work like that and being devoted to God doesn’t mean you have to stop living your life, stop having fun and all of that; stop believing the hype! This is why you have to study the word for yourself.  Being devoted means God is the head of your life. Being devoted means you love God more than you love the world.  Being devoted means you’ll drive your car to church because you don’t care about the number of miles you put on it. Being devoted means you go to worship no matter what the weather is like.  Being devoted means, you worship no matter what your circumstances are. Being devoted means you’ll worship the Lord and you don’t care who is looking. Being devoted means you’ll go where He’ll send you without knowing the address. Being devoted means you’ll pray for folks without even knowing their name or situations. Being devoted means you preach to a dying world even when folks say you can’t! 

Honestly, I dare you to change your devotion towards God! If you change your devotion towards God, I guarantee you’ll see clearer His devotion towards you. His devotion towards us never changes, it sometime gets hidden in the mess of things called our life, but it never changes. His devotion towards us never changes, we sometimes forget about it in the midst of our mess, but it never changes. Change your devotion and you’ll see!  

Colossians 3:17 says, “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”