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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Living in Purpose & Destiny

    In life, we are presented with so many different challenges. Challenges to love, build and grow; with each challenge we overcome the obstacles to become of our own being. Life is 
Sade L. Collins
full of different narrow and wide paths and uncertainties.  Who am I to say what path is the right one to take when the world is full of sinners who are all venturing out to discover things on his or her own. So many things in the world, will whisper sweet nothings in your ear and so many things will whisper their opinions, their thoughts and their past experiences to you expecting you to learn something from that.

 The question is, how can you learn anything based off of what one person has been through? How can you gain any knowledge if your feet haven’t been in the shoes of another? Oh how everything around you can be so confusing… yet inside you yearn to seek that very same knowledge and wisdom.

 The journey that I am on is like a wounding road… full of fog and dark passages and little sunlight. As a person, I seek love, I seek to be loved. I seek to be understood… I seek to know just who I am. Get it? Who am I? Of course, to others I’m Sade’, a mother to a son… a wife to a guy… an author, a lover… a? But what does that justify for me? Nothing, for some reason, Sade’ isn’t content with being Sade’. There is more to this person, this character… this young woman. 

As I write this, I can’t seem to fathom the thought of so many unanswered questions that I seek to find. So many things that I seek to know and hopefully in due time the doors will open to the unknown answers that I tend to ponder in my thoughts, in my writing and in my ways.   

For a brief minute, I stared at the blank page not knowing what to say… for a brief moment. I tell myself to listen with my heart and not to think. At this moment, I tend to pour out these words so fluently unsure of where to begin and where to end. This I can say is a start for me.

 A start of a new journey in which I chose to share with all of you… my growth as I spin my passion into words… into feelings and into thoughts. 

Although, I tend to question my destiny, I tend dig deep into my soul to find all the possibilities that are tucked underneath my skin, and buried in the back of my mind. Right here in this moment, I long to open up with this being the opportunity to do so. A world of truth, a world of my very own opinion and thoughts as I evolve into the writer that my God wants me to be. Here’s to you, the opportunity to walk along this journey for us together… for I seek to find… my destiny.

 Sade L. Collins