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Friday, October 4, 2013

Our Recap of the 1st Annual UBAWA ( Urban Books Authors & Writers of America ) Fall Book Fair

The interviewer & videographer listens very close. (Credit of Photo by Lee Taylor)

On last Saturday, September 28th, 2013, UBAWA made history in Atlanta, Ga!  This Book fair was held at the Georgia International Convention Center, where authors, novelist, poets, and vendors from all over came out to show their support and take part in this event.

This by far was indeed an experience for those just starting out in the industry, to the more seasoned of those in field. There was an array of author's that traveled from great distance to attend.  

It was an honor to be among so many talented individuals that share the same passion. With every experience it was believed that there's always a lesson to learn from it. There was live entertainment, food, and the meeting one another.

 As the day was a just a bit off to slow start the morning of... everyone rushing about to get their tables decorated, books placed neatly upon them, banners hanging, music floating in the atmosphere. 

A customer shopping at the book fair.

The photographers where in the building filming a documentary, one on one interviewing of many authors.... One of them happened to be G Street Chronicles :)!! 

G Street Chronicles talks with Founder-Danielle Leach of Urban Books Authors & Writers of America.

(Credit of Photos: Lee Taylor)

The authors' talking with each other, some finally face-to-face, verses the Internet groups that many are in. That was surely an A+!!! It brought together people under roof with many things in common in the terms of literary. From many styles of genre from poetry, fiction, nonfiction, to children themed books. Authors posing with new readers, and exchanging contact information with the newly found friendship with their literary siblings.

The book clubs that came out looking for its next read, on the lurk for a good story, as every author waited patiently as each one approaching their table, witnessing each one engage with the new reader. This trip for us here at So Fyh Magazine had many parts for us.... one Self-Published Christian Novelist, two Meeting and Greeting (NETWORKING), three Entrepreneurship 101 :), four a fast getaway from the world of reality and escape with a great book, this list could very well keep going.

Later a sit-down session with a host of many authors, again talking about the highs and lows of the industry, the importance of branding, marketing, networking and being socially connected to the reader.  Some even expressed how they were inspired to write, some from pain, others just for the fact to entertain their readers.

To hear with a heart as to what reason each one came, for that WE COMMEND UBAWA FOR THE VISION!! Although things can get off to a rocky start, but in the end the VISION WAS FULFILLED!!! KUDOS TO THE FOUNDER AND TEAM, for stepping out on faith and trusting and believing that it will be okay. We are looking forward into seeing what UBAWA will bring us next year, the next step is to build on what you have, determination and aim for the mark!!

Interviewing in motion. (Credit of Photo Lee Taylor)