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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Can you say teen heart throb? Tristen is not just your typical singer; he's a young man that has become apart of Teen Nation 2013, formerly know as  Country Pop Rock Tour 2012.

We had a chance to hangout with him last when he came to town for an Anti-Bully cause. This time he's a headliner. Last we met him; he had partnered up with several other artist to promote putting a stop to Bullying.

To a very talented artist has several things under his hat; from singer, dancer, guitarist and actor. So he's no stranger when it comes to being on the stage doing what he does best and that's entertaining. So look at Justin Bieber there's a new fella coming to the stage!

Who said that being a young person that you can't stand up for a cause? Exactly. To often times those that are being bullied hide it in silence and Tristen along with other artist on this tour, decide to bring bullying to a halt. Start speaking out about it!

To learn more about Tristen Blaine and what all he does; please visit his website,