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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Last year we had the chance to talk with Ms. Riley Roth when she was apart of Country Pop Rock Tour 2012, when they rolled through town pairing up with two of Former Disney Radio, Celeste Kellogg and Tyler Lane. The tour recently changed to Teen Nation Tour 2013, This bright, curly hair, guitar playing and bubbly southern bell will have you falling in love with her!

She is such a sweet young lady, is loads of fun. We have been so amazed that even the young can stand up for a cause such as Anti- Bullying. Along with other talented artist that are touring and speaking out bullying; which is becoming such a problem with people of All ages, they decided to spread the word to their peers.

Riley is a singer/songwriter and a recording artist. She knows her way with guitar too!  Not to mention she's written a book when she was much younger than she is now, there's no telling what other talents she'll pull out of her hat next.

When we met her last year, she had so far accomplished a lot at her age; doing this tour again has been a great experience for her and those that her passion. It's really good to know that not all teenagers are bad, and they can make their mark in the world, by standing up for what they believe. We're looking forward; to seeing what she'll do next. Keep your eyes on this sensational artist.

To find out more about Riley Roth you can visit her website, there you'll find out the type of songs she sings, and what all she's done.