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Friday, April 26, 2013


 Matthew Pinkham at age 11 is really making a name for himself these days. He recently team of with some other young and talented artist. To shed light on the epidemic called Bullying. To many children are being bullied all over the world, and even resulting to drastic measures, because of the pain. Speaking out about what bullying, does to the entire families, and friends alike. It's not cool to bully.

  He's apart of "Teen Nation 2013 Tour." This young artist against the odds found a love of music at only 5 years after being diagnosed with a rare boon disease called Leggs Calve Perthes; when he was just 4 years, when others his age would be walking, running, playing sports, or just "playing around" like other kids his age. Matthew was then placed in a wheelchair briefly, and was able use a walker while he was waiting patiently for his bones to regenerate, this is where he found his love for music. Matthew may not have discovered the special "hidden treasures" within him. :)
Matthew really loves to perform country, pop, and R&B genre. Some of the music that he's plays varies from Justin Bieber, One Direction, Bruno Mars, Green Day or Eli Young Band and even Keith Urban! Matthew along with his guitar teacher love exploring all types of music! Although he's just 11 years he's performed nearly 200 times within the last few years. One of his greatest experiences was to share the stage withe his favorite musician, Keith Urban!
Just recently he was named "2012-2013 Distinguished Student of the Year in Gifted Students" for the state of Kentucky.  He has hopes of continue playing his own music as well as performing for years to come. While he's touring with some of the greatest artist and dreams of headline his own his tour. Keep your eyes on Matthew... He's such a rising star!!!!

Are you thinkin' Pinkham?