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Thursday, October 4, 2012

2x Grammy Winner & So much more....... ESHE!


Would you be so kind and tell our readers who you are?
 Answer: My name is Eshe
We would like to say what an honor it is to be able to interview you for this magazine.
With any career there is a road that must be traveled please explain to our readers what your journey was like while in the group Arrested Development?
Answer: Wow!! It was a journey filled with highs, lows, joy, pain, laughter, and etc. It’s so much that I can say about being part of Arrested Development. I joined the group at age 13 and my life has not been the same since. I’ve met so many amazing people, seen so many beautiful places, had many unforgettable life was a ride. I’m very grateful for Arrested beginnings..I’ll never forget that.
Seeing that you’ve graced many stages all over the world from Dubai, Japan and Australia what was that like, you know being in another countries on stage?
Answer: It was fun!! I love performing and to be able to perform in other countries is just a blessings. Overseas seem to be a lot more open to different styles of music,vibes..I love that. It’s crazy because you might be in Japan or Australia and they know all the lyrics to your songs... it’s a feeling that I can’t describe. It’s beautiful.
After all the hard work, meaning blood sweat and tears share with us the feeling to receive these accolades, to be a 2x Multi Platinum Grammy winner, NAACP and MTV award winning artist?
Answer: It felt GREAT! I was 17 years old when I won my Grammy’s, MTV Awards, etc. It was surreal! What a blessings to receive such high honors on your first album. GOD IS GOOD! 
Before there was a Jill Scott, Angie Stone, Lauren Hill and The Fugees, how does it feel to know that Arrested Development had paved the way for them and many others?
Answer: It’s a honor to be mentioned in the same breath as the artist that you’ve named. To know that we pioneered a movement feels good. Arrested Development’s music, style, message, positive energy changed the face of music forever. I can always say that I contributed something special to the world of music and that’s something to be proud of.
So Fyh Magazine Online watched the episode of Arrested Development on T.V. One’s Unsung, can you describe to us how that feels to be Unsung?
Answer: UNSUNG was a great experience. Of course it’s impossible to put 20 plus years into one hour.  I had fun filming the episode and it’s been great exposure for me and the group. Lots of folks didn’t even know that we were still around and now they know.
Eshe, now as one of the original voices of the group Arrested Development what opportunities has that afforded you as a singer, dancer, songwriter and choreographer?
Answer: Great question. Well, lots of opportunities. Arrested Development was a platform for people to see the other talents that GOD has blessed me with. I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to choreograph, dance, write, collaborate or sing with the following artist. Angie Stone, Outkast, Omari Hardwick, Mabanua, Billy Lawrence, Juanita Bynum, Bone Crusher, Travis Payne, Omarion, just to name a few. I did my first movie called “Gorgeous Knight”, I was featured dancer on “Dancing With The Stars”, I have several other TV projects that will be coming out soon, I’m writing songs for major and independent artist, doing artist development for new artist, mentoring, writing a book; I try to keep myself busy. :) I’m extremely grateful for the doors that are opening for me!
I saw that your name Eshe in Swahili means “Life”. Was this your name given at birth or was it a name you later gave yourself?
Answer: Eshe is my professional name and yes is means “Life”. This was the name that I chose for the group. I thought that it fit my personality well and it’s like a nickname now. Everyone calls me Eshe, even my family.
How has this experience helped you as an artist?
Answer: It’s helped me tremendously. After being part of a group like Arrested Development, you can’t help but to think on a global level.  I think beyond my present physical state. I always push to reach that next level; to keep going higher. As artist have you to keep evolving, growing, changing. I’ve learned to not be afraid to share my truth through my music, no matter what. Think out of the me..Eshe.
Once Arrested Development made its debut into the music scene what was it like working with artist that had already been successful in the industry?
Answer: It was fun and a brand new experience for all of us. To work with artist that you’ve always admired and then you get to work with’s mind blowing. When I’m in the presence of great artist, I live in the moment and suck up all of the knowledge that I can.
Knowing that you’re a dancer and you can cut a rug too; will you tell us what it was like going on Dancing With the Stars?

Answer: It was a great experience.Travis Payne, Micheal Jackson’s longtime choreographer asked me to be on the show with him. I was  featured dancer/performer, along with Omarion for a tribute to MJ! The staff, set, the entire experience is one that I’ll never forget. Hope to hit the “Dancing With The Stars” stage again very soon.
Now we hear that the workouts on Dancing With the Stars are something serious, would you please share with us about that?
Answer: I’m sure it is for the contestants. Since I was there to do a tribute, I didn’t have to go trough what the contestants go through. My workout was intense, and exciting at the same time. Stress free! We were focused and ready to hit the stage. I truly just wanted to enjoy the experience, take it all in, have fun and I did just that.
After all has been said and done would you change anything about the experience? If so what would it be and why?
Answer: No, I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. Each experience that I’ve had in my life has made me the WOMAN that I am today. I’m wiser, stronger and more driven than ever before. My journey has shaped me.
Since you’re embarking on a new chapter in your career what was your reasoning for doing your first solo project now?  
Answer: Well, I felt it was time to do something different. I’ve always had a desire to do a solo project and it seemed to be the perfect time for me to step out on faith and do it. I’m proud of myself for taking that first step.

There are so many talent artists that are striving to make it to where you are. If you had any advise for those individuals who want to follow in your footsteps what would you tell them?
Answer: I would tell them to dream big and aim high! The sky is the limit! It's up to you to reach the top! Don’t think about it, just do it! Please understand that this is a rough business and you have to have tough skin. You have to believe in yourself or else no one will. Do not compromise your artistry to make a quick dollar. If you want longevity in the biz, make music that will resonant with people, classic music, music that will change the face of music, be yourself, be honest in your music, study the great ones that came before you, know what you want to achieve and go after it, think globally, have a great team around you who believes in you, stay humble, pray for guidance & wisdom, stay away from drugs, drama and truly understand that it’s a business...know the business.
With the gift that God has blessed you with to be able to dance, why was it so important for you to start your dance ministry, will you tell us more?
Answer: I love giving back and I love mentoring. I truly believe that your gifts are for you to share with the world.  My dance ministry was birthed 12 years ago and it’s called Spiritual Feet. It consist of young people, both male and female, ranging from 9 yrs- 24yrs. We do outreach, performances, we focus on learning how to be better people, better servants of GOD, were growing in our spiritual lives everyday and learning how to love the way GOD wants us to.
When So Fyh Magazine Online comes for a visit we have to stop your dance studio for the experience.
Answer: Yes!! I work out of a studio called Gotta Dance Atlanta and you can visit me there. I’ll have to give you a private lesson! It will be fun! :)

As a mother and businesswoman how have you been able to handle it all?

Answer: Lots of prayer!! LOL! I have been blessed to have a great support system and that helps a lot. My mom is the BEST! She’s truly been an angel and I thank GOD for her. She keep my daughter when she can’t come on the road with me.  However, when I’m able to take my daughter & mom on the road with me, I do.
If our readers wanted to know more about you would you tell them how they could connect with you?
Answer: Yes, you may contact me on my website, FB @, Twitter & Instagram @Eshe2xGrammy  & for booking.
Where can they purchase your music and learn more about any upcoming projects?
Answer: You may visit my website, Facebook, Twitter for all upcoming show dates, news updates, etc. I will have a single out on itunes this fall. The song is called “You Make Me Wanna” ft. Omari Hardwick.  Check website for updated on my single. I currently have a song out on itunes that I was featured on called “Love Sick” on the album “Done Already” produced by a Japanese artist named Mabanua. He’s one of the hottest producer/artist that I know! Also, pick up the new Angie Stone album “Rich Girl”available on itunes, amazon, in stores.  I co-wrote a song on her record called “First Time” along with an amazing production/writing team! Her album is HOTTT! Support great artist & great music!
Would you like to share anything else with our readers that you haven’t shared already?
Answers: Yes! Thanks so much for reading my interview. I appreciate the support and love. Thank you!
At the end of the day after all has been done, what does Eshe do to be happy or what makes her happy?
Answer: Family makes me happy. Spending time with  with the folks that I love and who love me, seeing my daughter’s beautiful face everyday, living life to the fullest, doing what I love to do, following my passion,knowing that GOD has me. That brings me joy. :)
We would like to thank you and your team for agreeing to make this interview possible. I know this would not be our last time speaking, we have to stay in touch.
Answer: Thank you for supporting me and having interest in me as an artist and a person. Much success to you!  Peace, ESHE :)