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Thursday, August 16, 2012


Danielle Taylor, Founder & Editor-in-Chief
BY: Danielle Taylor 
Photos By: Lee Taylor
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OMG........ So Fyh Magazine Online was invited to attend the Country Pop Rock Tour in Somerville, TN, on Monday, August 13, 2012 that was held at Fair Theater in Somerville, TN right in my town. What an amazing event! 

These young and talented recording artist are doing or should I say have done an amazing thing, to take a stand a dedicate an entire tour for the cause of 'BE A FRIEND NOT A BULLY'. We had an amazing time with them.  The main objective for this tour is to give up and coming Teen Artist the opportunity to tour while reaching out to varies communities and schools to speak out about the effects of Bullying. 

These artist made a visit to several schools to perform and talk the Bullying Project. With the out pouring help of Concert Supporters, Artist, Schools, Community leaders and Fans the tour hopes to generate a strong stand against Bullying. Part of the proceeds from the ticketed venues will go to the local school district to help fight Bullying. Can you imagine these 6 Artist, traveling 4 States,  stopping in 10 Cities, performing in 17 different Venues,  in just only 11 Days,  for One very important cause "Be A Friend Not A Bully".

The headliners for this great event was very worthy cause were Celeste Kellogg which is a former Radio Disney recording artist, also along with Tyler Layne another former Radio Disney recording artist, Riley Roth, Branden Mendoza, Dalton Cyr and Tristan Blaine. What a cool bunch, we had the opportunity to really hang out with them while their crews where setting up for the big show that took place later that evening. 

We had an up close and personal interview with each artist, little did we know what a treat we would be in for, from the very first moment we met them they're just soooo cute and sweet! Before I could keep writing allow me to thank the managers and parents of these artist KUDOS!!! Just because these are teenage music artist... they are just that teenagers full of life and a huge ball of fun.

We had the opportunity to ask them if they could work or if they worked?
Celeste Kellogg stated she would "love to work at a skating rink, which would be soo cool which would be a great place for a video shoot or work as a meteorologist because she likes weather".
Tyler Layne was excited to share with us that he works at Hollister the clothing, it wasn't that surprising to me, he had on a nice shirt....such a teen heartthrob.
Riley Roth said she "babysits, and would love to work in a clothing store like Rue 21 would be like cool."
Dalton Cyr , said he would work "somewhere like a paintball range".
Branden Mendoza stated he'd work a in the music industry something in the area of a music producer.
Tristan Blaine said, "he would more than likely work at a skating rink too, it would be kind of cool". 

When asked if anyone was actually dating or had a celebrity crush? 
 (basically they all pleaded the 5th no comments LOL). 

We also asked if they had had plan to attend college? 
They all have plans to attend college in the near future. 

We asked each of them what instrument they all loved and placed?  
Each of them has a great love for the guitar and piano.

We also asked them about going to school and friends?  
Even though they're all on tour right now, 2 did say they are done at this point and the other are home schooled.

We also asked if there was any road drama among them? 
Surprisingly they said they were all getting along and were having a blast! 

We would like to pray for their safe trip to their next stop as well as journey back home :)! Please keep up the good work that you're doing.
Tyler Layne Headliner for this Country Pop Rock Tour
Celeste Kellogg a headliner for this Country Pop Rock Tour

These two headliners reached out to the other artist to team up and make this event possible. If you click on their names it will direct you to their websites.

Riley Roth looks on as another artist speaks.
Branden Mendoza lets a laugh.
Tristan smiling.....

Dalton looking cool.

Riley & Celeste smiled when asked if Justin Bieber was their celebrity crush.
Branden jokes with Dalton " D-Man" the youngest.
Tyler poses for the camera... Cute

Left Guitarist, Drummer in the middle and the bass Guitarist THE BAND!

Posing for A So Fyh Photo!!

Singing "Payphone"
Ladies the fellas are looking good!!!

Sharing a chuckle
Tyler & I for our So Fyh Photo
Branden and I posting for a photo

Riley & I posing
Celeste and I  posing for a So Fyh Photo

Dalton receiving a So Fyh Hug!
Tristan and I lookout Justin Bieber!

(L) Riley, Tyler, Danielle, Celeste, Branden, Dalton and Tristan @ The Country Pop Rock Tour Artist 2012 in Somerville, TN
 As we continued to hangout with them, when asked what actually inspired them to want to do this tour you would be so surprised with their answers. Click the video to find out more.  Thank you again your friends at So Fyh Magazine Online.