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Thursday, July 12, 2012


  By: Jessica Sportsnista Scurlock Sportswriter email address:

I HATE YOUR TEAM (Rivalries)!!

Let’s talk rivalries.  During any season of any sport the most notable quote you will hear is “Your team Sucks!”  When you talk about two teams being each other rival no matter how bad the blood is between the players it is 10x worse with the fans.   When I was growing up on the Northside of Chicago it was a given that you be a Cubs fan, however I have never ever been a Cubs fan.  My first Baseball game was at Old Comiskey Park and I fell in Love and that was it I was a White Sox fan. 
The downfall to that is I lived in a house of die-hard Cubs fans, so when my mom got tickets to a game she made me go.   I would try everything to get out of going to the games but hey she’s my mom had to do what she said to do.  So I figured out a way to get out of her telling me to go to these Cubs games.  When we would go I would dress in Black and White or Black and Gray and root for the other team after countless booing from surrounding fans my mom said no you not going to embarrass me anymore. Talk about a happy camper.  I know I know that is bad but hey I Loved my White Sox and the Cubs were just another team to me and I had no Love for them and still don’t!
We have the White Sox vs. Cubs Rivalry which literally divides the city of Baseball loving fans.  When it comes to Football for us Bears fans our biggest Rivals are the Green Bay Packers.  Now I have seen many of fist fights between these two rivals fans,  I have even witnessed a woman (who shall remain nameless) who has been a Bears fan since the early 60’s take a shotgun in her backyard to a Aaron Rodgers Fathead (now that is die hard)!
When it comes to Basketball for the Bulls, The Miami Heat has become one of our biggest Rivals.  The more I think of it The Miami Heat is everyone’s rival right now so we’ll leave that one alone lol.
Here are some more notable Rivalries between teams:  Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys
NY Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox
Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens
Oakland Raiders vs. SF 49ers
White Sox vs. any team in our division
New York Giants vs. New England Patriots
NE Patriots vs. NY Jets
(Soon to be) Indianapolis Colts vs. Denver Broncos
LA Lakers vs. Boston Celtics
There are so many to name. Feel free to comment and let me know about your city rivalries.


Okay so here we are days after the MLB All-Star Game and yes I am still heated about this game.   Some would say Jessica just forget it and move on we have now started the second stretch of the baseball season.  I’m sorry but I can’t just forget it and here’s why:
1.     I am an American League fan (White Sox being my team) and we got demolished 8-0.
2.     A.J. Pierzynski was not selected, and deserved to go.
3.     Peavy didn’t pitch at all.
4.     And this is the one that really got me heated; Dunn the only position player to get selected and has no participation in this game what-so-ever!
Now here is where the Major League disappointment comes in, so Ron Washington Manager of the Texas Rangers is selected to be the Manager of the American League team. This man looked over so many deserving players to bring in his own players.  There were 8 Rangers players on the AL team, was this an All-Star game or a Rangers game?!   He made sure all his players got a chance to play but to not put Dunn in was a sign of disrespect to that man and the game of Baseball.
Now it was great to see Konerko who played an inning at 1st base and was hit by a pitch his only at bat.  Chris Sale went out and did what he does best he pitched a scoreless inning.  It would have been great to see Peavy pitch and Dunn have an at bat, but I think Washington had other things on his mind; maybe he was upset that the week before the White Sox swept his Rangers in a 3-game series.  
Whatever it may be I think Washington was wrong for not playing Dunn and bringing so many from his organization over more deserving players.  There needs to be some changes made, we vote for these players to see them all play and Washington took that away from us White Sox fans.  I will eventually get over it but for now all I have to say is #%&# you Washington!!! And I mean it from the bottom of my White Sox loving heart!