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Sunday, June 3, 2012

You Sho Know What To Say by: LoTarsha Lee


LoTarsha Lee

Faith-Based Diva, On Spiritual Living,,

Look At Me Now!

 Maya Angelou once stated, “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This can be interlinked within our interpersonal and work-related relationships daily; whether working for yourself, others, small businesses, or large corporations, we must always consider how we treat people overall. We honestly never know how those interactions impact the rise or fall of one’s self-esteem or confidence. Have you ever thought about how well you communicate with those who seem to be less fortunate? Have you ever considered how you talk to your subordinates? Have you taken time to consider the fact your communications skills are not as effective as you may think they are? Pause for a moment and think about the people you interact with on a regular basis, now think about those you interact with from a distance,  how well would your verbal and nonverbal communication be rated by those individuals ? 

Most people pay attention to majority of the things you do (nonverbal included) versus what you actually say. All forms of communication can impact your relationships whether it be personal, business related, church centered or within your household. Think back to that boss who always communicated how he or she felt through negative feedback or nonverbal messages. He or she never would face you when expressing themselves, but via email, text messages, or written memos they told you everything wrong with your task. What about the supervisor who said you will never make it in this industry doing things the way you do them, but always seem to take your ideas and run with them as if they were their own. How did this make you feel? Did you feel used and abused by your superior, unappreciated, or maybe detached from this organization? 

 Today we take a look at how to turn that negative communication into satisfaction and motivation. Be sure you are documenting all of your ideas and concepts when sharing them with your superior. Always keep a positive attitude and continue to pursue your goals and dreams without disclosing too much information on your vision of the next level with him or her. Stay knowledgeable of all matters concerning your department or area of interest in that industry because leads will soon drop in your lap. Divas, please be sure to release positive things into the atmosphere and allow your actions to line up with what you are releasing daily. While communicating with others always know your audience, if you are using terminology they cannot understand than your communication skills are yet ineffective. 

Always ask questions to assure there is clarity and understanding as it relates to the conversation or duties at hand. Never assume they know. Always utilize positive reinforcement, “Sally I know you want to move up the ladder in this industry maybe you should try to do it this way, if that don’t work we can try something else.”
I am sure Sally now feels as if someone cares. Your employees will be loyal to your company or organization if the environment exhibits appreciation of their voice and someone is listening to it. Your employees will also show up on time, have consistent productivity if the atmosphere allows creativity, autonomy, and appreciation. 

If you give credit to your workers when it is due to them, they surely will not mind helping you to climb to the top of the ladder. Simply because you are giving some reassurance of their skills and abilities, they embrace coming along on the ride with you because you care about their sense of belonging to the organization. 

However, if you take their ideas and begin to shine as if it’s a one man show, please watch your steps because a fall will soon come during your journey. Usually it is during this time you begin to witness who you thought was the underdogs climbing the ladder of success through connections that you joined together but now they are utilizing something you never implemented actual teamwork. While listening to Chris Brown’s song, “Look at me now,” I smile because only months ago people may have thought we needed them to do what we love but all we can say is…..”Look at us now.” Many of us carry similar visions but only will working together without motives can any of our dreams and visions last. We need one another to survive on every level of success.

  Just as Maya Angelou stated in the quote, “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I challenged you to treat people how you want to be treated, whether personally, professionally, or spiritually. We cross paths with people for reasons; it is definitely up to us if we want to focus on the negative or positive in those people. Communication is the key in all relationships, make sure you are utilizing effective communication styles if not and you think you may need assistance feel free to contact us we will gladly provide you with coaching services.  For those who thought you could not reach your dreams without their expertise “Look at me now.”