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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Tony~n~Kie ShowBook and Music Reviews
The Tony~n~Kie Show


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Single For The Night

Corey J Barnes

What do you get when you mix, a man trying to get pass his past, an ex who doesn't want to remain an ex, a player who finds himself ready to settle down, and a mysterious illusive woman? TROUBLE!
In Single for the night you go on a journey with Rick, Afro, Smooth, Candy and a mystery woman, that will have you hating the game, rooting for the underdog, and no believing some of the choices some of this quartet make.

There were several errors that made is difficult for me to read continuously. Many times I found myself having to re-read sentences to understand what was supposed to be there.  I didn't enjoy the constant analogies to TV Shows, music Lyrics, and the like, some seemed very wordy and didn't deliver the mental recollection that a much simpler description could have. Over all the story plot was a good one, but i think this novel is in need of a content edit badly.
***3rd shelf

             Comfort Food

A cookbook? Well how can you go wrong there? Well I guess there are ways, but Sharon didn't find any of them. From her mouth watering cover, to the unique inner design, to the many many pages of great easy to create recipes.
Sharon has a hit here with us, from banana pudding, to cobbler, to the drinks, hmmm the drinks. Too much to mention, just go and grab your copy!

Sharon Fox




Rahiem Brooks
ISBN: 978-0-578-08154-0

Once again Rahiem brings you a great mystery, suspense novel with a crime twist.
but this time you get a gift, 2 books in one. First read about criminal Justice Lorenzo, and his crime spree that is so meticulous that there just isn't any evidence left behind to finger him.
Then meet William Fortune, a author that is writing Justice's story unknown to anyone his wife and publisher included. When his publisher and Justice have two different ideas of the ending, one being what will sell the other being the truth, William is put in the middle of an impossible situation with possible dyer consequences.
 I wish Rahiem had not chose to use SO MANY words that one had to refer to a dictionary to gather their meaning. That did take away from the story, having to stop to find out what said words meaning was. Other than that, great great read!

***** Top Shelf