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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sports Fanatic by: Jessica Sportnista Scurlock

By: Jessica Sportsnista Scurlock Sportswriter email address:

By: Jessica Sportsnista Scurlock

The NBA season is winding down with the Miami Heat up 3-1 over the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Finals.  While most of the sports world is following this main event, another event is brewing. What is this event you ask?  This event is the famous Fantasy Football!
If you know me by now you know this Sportsnista lives for Fantasy Football.  I have been getting numerous emails from sporting websites to launch my Fantasy teams from last season.  Over the past few years Fantasy Football has gotten bigger than the NFL itself.  It is estimated that there are over 10 million people in Fantasy Football leagues.  This kind of exposure is bringing in revenue of up to $1 Billion.  USA Today was the first magazine to post  MLB Fantasy stats back in the 1980’s, now there are over 100 magazines that are strictly for the Fantasy Sports world.
Usually sometime in July, I find myself at newsstands picking up a few of those magazines to help with my draft.  I put serious hours into scouting who I want to draft and perfecting my roster after the draft. Why do I do this? I simply say for the Love of the game.  It is already a male dominated sport but when a woman can come into a male dominated league and beat the most knowledgeable of players, that is something worth bragging about.  I have been playing now for 5 years and the 2011-12 season was the first season that I did not win a Championship.  That will change this season and I guarantee it!!!
So yes it is that time again!  I will be recruiting and also joining friends leagues, if you would like to join any of my leagues please email me


As the 2012 NBA season is in full swing there have been talks of “if the season were over now who would be MVP”?  Would it be Lebron James who has lead Miami this season with a seemingly consistent injured Dwayne Wade.  Is it Derrick Rose who has led The Bulls to another incredible season, with an impressive 22-6 record.  Let’s not count out Chris Paul (CP3) who is averaging 18ppg and helping the once worst team in the NBA (LA Clippers) climb to be one of the top contenders in the league.

So what makes an MVP?  There are a lot of factors that go into becoming MVP.  It’s how you carry yourself on and off the court.  What type of leadership you can show to help your team be the best, it could be your teams record and don’t forget the personal stats.

Last season Derrick Rose catapulted to become the youngest NBA player to ever   win this prestigious award.  The Bulls ended the season with an astounding 62-20 record only 10 games behind the best record to ever be recorded 72-10 by none other than Michael Jordan and The Chicago Bulls.  Derrick Rose basically tripled his personal stats from the 2010 season, showed what a great leader he could be for the young Bulls team and he has been ever so humbled.   Nothing has changed in the 2012 season for the young MVP, which I believe is in one of the top spots to win it again, but if you ask him from his own words he doesn’t care about that all he cares about is “winning” the Championship that is!

So for all the players who are looking to win MVP this year take a few notes from Derrick Rose and if you say why?  Look at any Bulls game no matter where they are when that kid gets to the free throw line all you hear is “MVP, MVP, MVP”! NUFF SAID!