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Sunday, June 3, 2012

So Fyh Diva Publishing Ink

So Fyh Diva Publishing

Diva Chic, Sophisticated & Creative Expression. So Fyh Diva Publishing is a company that develops written literary  to be published professionally. The services that we offer are basic editing, heavy editing proofreading, marketing and promotion.

Basic Editing: Editing of your written materials, we know that you take you writing very seriously so what a better way to put your best work out to the public, by having edited. We check or punctuations, misspellings , typos and errors.

Major Editing:    The very importance of editing to your writings is make sure that your message or story is conveyed to the readers. Major editing consists of punctuations, misspelling, typos and errors. Sentence and paragraph structures.

Proofreading: COMING SOON!

Promotion: COMING SOON 

Marketing: COMING SOON

Book Cover Designz: COMING SOON

Book Trailerz : COMING SOON

Synopsis Development: COMING SOON

Publishing Packages : COMING SOON

You can contact us via email at 

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