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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saving Lives Through Lit

Saving Lives Through Lit

Saving Lives Through Lit is dedicated to our mission of Saving Lives Through Literature!  This is a vision that Founder Elizabeth Funderbirk thought up in 2010. In 2011 she approached friend and fellow author Kiexiza Rodriquez about her vision and together they brought it into reality.

Realizing domestic violence has been a issue for as long as one can remember these two ladies have a strong desire to bring awareness and a voice to the voiceless affected by this senseless crisis. Together they have enlisted talented writers, and the creative services of their peers in the literary community to create an anthology, build a media buzz, and establish a web presence that will be directly used to further our mission.

This Non-Profit venture is totally being presented by DONATIONS and SPONSORSHIP only. Our goal is to shed light on a topic that for centuries has been quietly swept under the rug. There are many organizations that deal with the issues Men, Women, and Children living with Domestic Violence and other abuses face on a daily basis. We at S.L.T.L. want to be representatives of those in the literary community who desire to lend their voices/pens, and talents to bring about a cure.

What better way than to join together, do what we love and create the stories behind the many faces. Thereby exposing stories we never hear about, the ones we silently ignore and some, many of our submitters themselves have actually endured.Our pray is that our efforts are met with an abundance of support. That way proving what we know in our hearts is true: we all want to be apart of the Movement to end Domestic Violence, thereby Saving Lives Through Lit. 

****If you would like to help please log onto the website and find out how you can do so.