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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Randomly Speaking

Randomly Speaking

Sandra Krajeski

I used to think; I wasn't strong enough...that STRONG could never define me...but God sent

angels to hold me up and constantly checked on me...He used my weaknesses to give me strength

and said "I GOT YOUR BACK"...HE was my refuge, rock, and I was weakened and

under attack...Day by day he would come knocking and show up at my heart's door ...and now I

trust him daily...and my eyes, don't cry no more...He saw me through my darkest hour...and I will

not soon strength and trust go hand in hand...for he's NEVER failed me yet! And yes,

I am but a woman...but HE is GOD all by himself...and yes, STRONG finally defines me...but HE is

the strength behind my EVERY breath!