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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Publicist Program


Dear Publicist,

So Fyh Magazine Online is created on the basic essentials of public media relations.  Our magazine’s  goal is to provide exposure for people in the entertainment and sports industry that are “on their very way” in the industry, but haven’t yet made it to the next level in terms of mainstream media arena.

Publicists go through a great deal when it comes to creating the proper networks and relationships to maximize media exposure for their clientele or potential clientele.  Often times if their clientele haven’t yet created a name for themselves, certain media outlets will deny coverage for that clientele (s), or because it’s not a “ HUGE name ” celebrity, interview requests may ever occasionally sit on the desks of writers for days, weeks, or even months that's even if they make it the desk at all.

So Fyh Magazine Online welcomes your "So Fyh"  clients with  BIG open arms…but we also welcome you, the publicist, to join our  great network.

The Publicist Program also gives access to publicists to become contributors to the site and post their client’s updates.  No more waiting for someone to give your clientele (s) coverage…you can do-it-yourself. This is FREE. However, there are a limited number of positions for this program. Once the positions are taken, no positions will be considered until a position becomes available.

If you would like to be considered for The Publicist Program and would like to hear more, please register for this site and then send us an email of interest to and someone will contact you. You must personify a clientele (s) that is considered to be “ So Fyh ” to qualify for this consideration.  Please be sure to include a link to your website, or any blogs or articles, press kit, press releases, event coverage and past work that you have done.