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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kiexiza Rodriquez

Author Kiexiza Rodriquez


Kiexiza was born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts. She is the engaged, eldest sibling of ten children and a  mother of four of her own. Known as a creative soul from a very young age, she embraced and developed her love for music, performing arts and poetry early on. Taking charge of her  multi-cultural heritage, she has honed her many different talents, excelling her creative ideas to endless possibilities.

After years of friends and people around her insisting she ha a story to tell, she finally sat down and began to try to tell her story. The final product was the BEAUTIFUL Series. A collection of books that will touch on different aspect of Kiexiza's life in a fictional way. The first in this series is BEAUTIFUL which will be released July 2011. You can reserve you copy Now, for a reduced price. On the following pages you'll learn more about the series, each individual book, read an excerpt from Beautiful,watch the trailers from book 1 and two and much more.

How long can you go through life trying to hide your pain deep inside before it boils over and engulfs all of you? Then what do you do with the mess it leaves in its path? Find out the Characters, in the "BEAUTIFUL Series" do when life goes from good, to out of control.
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