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Sunday, June 3, 2012

If You Can't Take The Heat Stay Out The Kitchen By: Renie McClatchey




Life Coach By:Renie McClatchey "Hot Tamale Mama"

                        Discovering God’s giving purpose for your life?
This will and may be a question that most people eventually ask themselves.When you’re at a certain point in life, you may begin to question “What is God’s plan for my life”?  I’m on the right road going for the target, but what is it that he wants of me? Life is a mystery, a journey; and an adventure. It may be what you make it to be but that statement is a large undertaking, and is often a lot easier said than done! 

 Daily life can bring about many obstacles, ones that hold us back, hold us down; as well as our own attitudes and how we approach life.  Our attitude determines outcome, and a positive attitude will bring about positive results.  My attitude and outlook on life is the only thing that I have that I’m in total control of.  It has allowed me to forgive, overcome and be able to heal my life, my soul, my spirit and it has allowed me to find peace. I have begun experiencing such a spiritual peace; an emotional peace that places my soul an ease. It is a tranquil place, where most people never get!

 I believe that God’s has a plan for my life, in which I can be an encouragement to others through experiences, thoughts, knowledge and love. Yes, we all experience some difficulties in our life, but for some reason he keeps on blessing us to still be here.
He has protected us regardless of short comings and mistakes. God sees something we don’t see ourselves.  He sees only our potential; he sees the good in us, and he wants our best.  
I’ve been on a personal journey for the last eight years, which has made me very aware.  In the beginning, I was once an emotional mess. I was an unhappy person; and spiritually, my confusion was just making my life total disarray!

 I was a married mother of four children. I didn’t work, and my husband provided well for our family.  Then one day he suffered a nervous breakdown and our whole world turned upside down.  I was a good person stuck in a bad situation; and, then I begin to ask” Why me Lord”?  
At that moment in time, I knew without a doubt that God had some serious work for me to do! I have been blessed with an alluring personality.  People are drawn to my spirit and I can talk with anybody; a stranger in the store, a small child, an elderly person; almost anyone!

I began to discover that there were other women like myself, who are hurting as well; mentally, physically, emotionally and that spiritually I could connect with them, and relate because I’ve experienced these same things as well; and that we shared something in common.
 I felt that God wanted me to show by example, how amazing his love is for us; when we believe and allow him to guide us.   

One of the hardest fight to fight is the “fight for your faith”, and sometimes others won’t understand or support it. Some will question it, even try to weaken it, but it is imperative that you have to keep fighting for it; even though and especially when you are at your weakest!
I’m still discovering daily; through experiences that while I might be on the right road; God still continues to confirm my walk through his blessing! However, each day I must find a reason to keep walking in faith, trust and daily PRAYER!

Something to think about:  When you’re kind and compassionate to others, you’re not trying to impress people.  What you’re doing is reflecting God to them!  Love the life that God blessed you to live while, finding the laughter in the midst of it all.



                                  FOOD FOR THE SOUL

It’s been a very busy time in my life lately my energy has been on a positive high!  When God plant’s a gift within your heart no matter how hard you've tried to run from it one day you'll have to stop running and accept your calling.

  I know that the Lord blessed me with a spirit of love, he has even giving me a gift of expression through words.  I've always been able to talk with just anyone; I walked up and started a conversion with strangers.I’ve been told that my smile lights up any room, sometimes that we all that needed. I work as the Director of Food Services for a small Christian University in others word “I run the kitchen I’m the mother to some, I’m auntie to others, I counsel so many as well. On last week I was given the most genuine compliment that I’ve ever received from one the directors at University. 

His daughter was visiting and he wanted me to meet her, we met she was a very sweet young women.  He told his daughter that "Ms. Renie" does more than just cook the food and she love’s on anyone and everyone.  It has been students that said they would have quit if she had not talked with them and encouraging them.  I was like “wow” I never knew that. I was just doing what GOD put on my heart to.  He blessed me with a gift of connecting with people from all walks of life.  My spirit used to scar me, but no more Lord, no more.  I have greatly matured in my faith, I know who’s in charge of my life. I decided to share this month some of my inspirational writings at different ares on my journey; however it has truly been a faith building process. 

7/2/11 – When you have been blessed with faith, there will still be many struggles to overcome.  Faith allows you to know that each struggle that you'll face has a purpose.  Live so that you'll know what love feels like; laugh because it'll uplifts the spirit!

7/7/11 – Never question God about what, when or how just trust that HIS will be done!  With faith on your side in time HE will reveal the what, the when, the how and who!
Love me now, live so that we can share some laughter along the way!

9/30/11- When God is ready for your light to shine brighter, than bright there’s nothing Satan can do to block it.  “This little light of mine I’m going to let it shine.
Live, love and laugh out loud!

10/10/11-Do you know how to recognize a “dream stopper a blessing blocker“?
They are the people we encounter daily, jealous, negative, critical, just plain unhappy!  Don’t let them stop or block your destiny.
Love shown will bring about a life filled with laughter!

 I started writing these daily inspirational for myself, but nevertheless God put it on my heart to share them by via text messaging to the contacts that I have in my phone.  They were received so well that it became a daily thing for over 2 ½ years it’s time to reach more, this is the gift HE gave and I want to share it.

                            Remember to Live, Love and Laugh daily its medicine for the Soul!

LIVE, LOVE & LAUGH !!!!!