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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Divine Divas & Designs

Divine Divas & Designs

LoTarsha "Sunny or Sunshine" Lee is well-known in Memphis and surrounding areas for her love of creative arts. She has been drawn into performing and teaching since her teenage years. She has been active in community service projects as long she can remember. As a native of Memphis, TN, she has been involved in many projects to display her love for working with disadvantage youth/troubled teens. Her heart cries to help empower our youth and encourage them to endure and excel no matter what the situation in their lives maybe at this moment in time. 

She uses her past hurts, experiences, and current circumstances to help motivate her and others. Her hardships inspired her to write plays, poetry, books, and teach in areas of creative arts to display the strengths and weaknesses of everyday issues in life. Performing helps display how she was healed in the areas of having low self-esteem, emotional distress, and lack of education. “You can conquer the hindrances in life; and those trials or mishaps may even pave the way for your success,” is her daily thought! While currently a student at Murray State University seeking a degree in an area of Organizational Communication and Minor in Youth and Non Profit Leadership she has enlarged her love for it all.

 LoTarsha has also embarked a new career field as a Motivational Speaker and Life Coach. Coaching is such an amazing and effectual way to experience positive change and results. When she was first introduced to Compass, she instantly knew this was where she was meant to be at this point in life. Now, she gets to spread her passion and excitement by helping women, like her; define their life and walk into their greatness. LoTarsha has written several self-published books entitled, “Damaged Diva now Defined-A Inspirational Book”, “Divine Divas Disposition-Journal to assist with daily inspiration from within” and “Few Petals Missing Yet I am still a Rose-Poetry Book.” 

She also designs: bookmarks, personalized accessories, calendars, notebooks, and any personalized items you may desire. LoTarsha continues to use her gift as a spoken word artist and as an inspirational dancer from time to time. Her source of motivation and strength is “I can do all things thru Christ that strengthens me!” She understands this concept because of the trial and errors of her life and others around her. 
“Thank you, in advance for the opportunity to work with the young ladies of this great city!”

What does it take to be Divine Divas....Determined Intelligent Vibrant Ambitious Sistas….You must be a lady of character, integrity, and audacity.You must be a lady of determination, strength, and endurance.You must be a lady of greatness rising like the sun yet cool like the midnight essence. D.I.V.A.S.  are bold, classy, educated young ladies who stand firm on their moral and ethical standards and beliefs. D.I.V.A. is an imminent force that represents excellence by lending her fellow sister, not only a serving hand, but an open heart with the knowledge of how to survive during trying times. A D.I.V.A. is constantly seeking positive changes within the school and community. A D.I.V.A. is a virtuous young lady making exceptional change.

Divine Divas Sorority understands the need for a healthy environment. Therefore, one must understand your environment contributes to who we are and what we believe, and ultimately what we become. While our events stress the importance of commitment, and building relationships; they also emphasize the importance of the individual aspect. Divine Divas will use positive hip-hop music and dramatic fine arts to send a message of expectation and edification to our troubled youth. We want to address issues that have been saturated by negative images through media and negative connotations through the corridor of music. We have been formed to bring about a change during these trying times as a nation as a whole. We proclaim forward movement with diversity, integrity, and character.