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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Diamond Star Entertainment


Diamond Star Entertainment



DiamondStar Entertainment, is the brainchild of CEO- Anthony Stutts, who created D.S.E. with the intentions of helping those with drive, talent and focus , succeed in the  music industry.His primary goal was to take those individuals that knew where they wanted to be, but had no plan, or direction, bring that vision into reality. He wanted to help guide them on their way and that today is still one of the company's goal.

Anthony began Diamond Productions in 2007 by providing vocal training, services in the Springfield, Massachusetts area. By 2008, the company had expanded to include music production, song writing and artist management. Together with his staff he produced a venue to showcase Diamond Production's talent. After which he began looking for ways to take his company and artist, to the next level.

While searching venues for his acts to showcase, an impromptu visit to a local food eatery reconnected him with an old friend. When he shared his goals and ideas for his company, an opportunity to evolve and expand the company was proposed.

In 2008, he hired the promotional services of Kiexiza Rodriquez. Along with her contacts Anthony was able to expose his artist to many venues and gain exposure for his company. In 2009 Anthony offered Kiexiza a permanent position on his staff as head of Promotions. He also took her on as a client. Thereby expanding Diamond Productions from solely managing music artist, to now also managing poets and authors.  With that Anthony decided to change the name and Diamond Productions became DiamondStar Entertainment.

With Kiexiza's over ten years experience in the Industry added to the companies already proven track record, DSE was able to expand their services and move forward. They now offer many additional services such as: review of books, music, and products, interviews and exposure spotlight for artist, poets, authors, businesses and others, on the company's online radio show, Steam Team promotions, manuscript, and website review, Editing and much more.

D.S.E. is now ready to not only launch themselves into the next phase of business, but also continue to aide in helping you and your business take off.

D.S.E. goal is to provide exceptional service to those in need of it, without breaking your bank. Our packages come with a small, yet reasonable price for the services we provide. Understanding that in this economic system we can all use a break, we will provide you with the services you need, at a price, beneficial for both parties.
These are the services that D.S.E. offer

Media /Product Review  *  Interview / Exposure  * Street Team Promotions  * Video/Trailer Promotions   *
Social Media Promotions  * Music Promotions  * Artist Feature  * Business Feature  * Cross Promotions
Monthly Promotions  * Editing  *  Book Publishing  (Coming Soon)*

DSE, is a family owned business specializing in Social Media Promotions, Networking as well as hosting an Online Radio Show. We use every outlet at our grasp to help promote, and BRAND your name.
Whether an Author, Musician, or Entrepreneur, if people don’t know about you they can’t support you or use your services.  DiamondStar Entertainment wants to be one of the outlets you use to help bring exposure to you, your business and/or your craft. Together with our staff, affiliations with other magazines, bloggers, reviewers and other social networking sites, we will go HARD for you.

Right now you can get in on our Super Birthday Special and receive 6 months of Social Media Promotions for $25.

Allow D.S.E. to be one of your many outlets to help BRAND your name to the public.