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Friday, April 18, 2014

Poetically Writing

John S. Keenan

Single, Saved & Satisified

Renie McClatchey

Fearless Faith

Inez Reilly

My Greatest Inspiration

Erika Whitehead

Erika-Ta'mmeiko Whitehead, born in MI, raised in MD. Graduated high school at age 16 & attended Langston University, receiving a business degree in Hospitality Management. 

In MI, she attends Abundant Life Christian Center under the leadership of Pastors Harold & Fellicia Duncan. 

Erika is the wife of Brian Whitehead & mother of Tyler (11), Sterling (17), Angelique (17), & Asha (15). Erika's greatest inspiration is her love of the Lord & encouraging His people!

Living in Purpose & Destiny

Sade Collins 

Sade L. Collins knew from an early age that she wanted to be a writer. After graduating from the Chattanooga Center for Creative Arts in 2007, and obtaining her Business Administration Associate's degree in 2013. She set forth to make her dreams come true. With the encouragement and support from her husband, Sade launched SLC Productionz, a production company focused on discovering and publishing talented poets and writers.

" I want to discover what's unseen," Sade said of SLC Productionz. " It's hard for those who want to pursue their dreams, and they feel like they can't for various reasons and excuses. SLC Productionz will be that open door for writers and poets who have never been discovered ---- that open door for the unseen to be seen, for dreams to become reality, and for opportunities as a writer to become a success!"
Sade Collins

Thursday, April 10, 2014


On October 12, 2013 at the New Daisy in Memphis, Tennessee marked a moment in history!!!! Truly "A NIGHT OF LEGENDS". Everyone from the Dignitaries, honorees, guest came out in support of this annual event. Memphis's own Lil' Rounds was a former contestant on the American Idol bellowed out her very on melodic sound of the Star Spangled Banner as the show was open along with Color Guards.

 What an amazing night!!!! 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Our Recap of the 1st Annual UBAWA ( Urban Books Authors & Writers of America ) Fall Book Fair

The interviewer & videographer listens very close. (Credit of Photo by Lee Taylor)

On last Saturday, September 28th, 2013, UBAWA made history in Atlanta, Ga!  This Book fair was held at the Georgia International Convention Center, where authors, novelist, poets, and vendors from all over came out to show their support and take part in this event.

This by far was indeed an experience for those just starting out in the industry, to the more seasoned of those in field. There was an array of author's that traveled from great distance to attend.  

It was an honor to be among so many talented individuals that share the same passion. With every experience it was believed that there's always a lesson to learn from it. There was live entertainment, food, and the meeting one another.

 As the day was a just a bit off to slow start the morning of... everyone rushing about to get their tables decorated, books placed neatly upon them, banners hanging, music floating in the atmosphere. 

A customer shopping at the book fair.

The photographers where in the building filming a documentary, one on one interviewing of many authors.... One of them happened to be G Street Chronicles :)!! 

G Street Chronicles talks with Founder-Danielle Leach of Urban Books Authors & Writers of America.

(Credit of Photos: Lee Taylor)

The authors' talking with each other, some finally face-to-face, verses the Internet groups that many are in. That was surely an A+!!! It brought together people under roof with many things in common in the terms of literary. From many styles of genre from poetry, fiction, nonfiction, to children themed books. Authors posing with new readers, and exchanging contact information with the newly found friendship with their literary siblings.

The book clubs that came out looking for its next read, on the lurk for a good story, as every author waited patiently as each one approaching their table, witnessing each one engage with the new reader. This trip for us here at So Fyh Magazine had many parts for us.... one Self-Published Christian Novelist, two Meeting and Greeting (NETWORKING), three Entrepreneurship 101 :), four a fast getaway from the world of reality and escape with a great book, this list could very well keep going.

Later a sit-down session with a host of many authors, again talking about the highs and lows of the industry, the importance of branding, marketing, networking and being socially connected to the reader.  Some even expressed how they were inspired to write, some from pain, others just for the fact to entertain their readers.

To hear with a heart as to what reason each one came, for that WE COMMEND UBAWA FOR THE VISION!! Although things can get off to a rocky start, but in the end the VISION WAS FULFILLED!!! KUDOS TO THE FOUNDER AND TEAM, for stepping out on faith and trusting and believing that it will be okay. We are looking forward into seeing what UBAWA will bring us next year, the next step is to build on what you have, determination and aim for the mark!!

Interviewing in motion. (Credit of Photo Lee Taylor)

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Friday, April 26, 2013


 Matthew Pinkham at age 11 is really making a name for himself these days. He recently team of with some other young and talented artist. To shed light on the epidemic called Bullying. To many children are being bullied all over the world, and even resulting to drastic measures, because of the pain. Speaking out about what bullying, does to the entire families, and friends alike. It's not cool to bully.

  He's apart of "Teen Nation 2013 Tour." This young artist against the odds found a love of music at only 5 years after being diagnosed with a rare boon disease called Leggs Calve Perthes; when he was just 4 years, when others his age would be walking, running, playing sports, or just "playing around" like other kids his age. Matthew was then placed in a wheelchair briefly, and was able use a walker while he was waiting patiently for his bones to regenerate, this is where he found his love for music. Matthew may not have discovered the special "hidden treasures" within him. :)
Matthew really loves to perform country, pop, and R&B genre. Some of the music that he's plays varies from Justin Bieber, One Direction, Bruno Mars, Green Day or Eli Young Band and even Keith Urban! Matthew along with his guitar teacher love exploring all types of music! Although he's just 11 years he's performed nearly 200 times within the last few years. One of his greatest experiences was to share the stage withe his favorite musician, Keith Urban!
Just recently he was named "2012-2013 Distinguished Student of the Year in Gifted Students" for the state of Kentucky.  He has hopes of continue playing his own music as well as performing for years to come. While he's touring with some of the greatest artist and dreams of headline his own his tour. Keep your eyes on Matthew... He's such a rising star!!!!

Are you thinkin' Pinkham?


Beamer Wigley is called BMW because of his initials :). He's the youngest on this tour "The Teen Nation Tour 2013". To raise awareness on putting a stop to bullying. He decided to team up with some other artist to make this happen. He's singer, guitar player and not to mention he's a songwriter. Beamer's from Penticton B.C. Canda. At only 10 years old, he's already been traveling around to many different places such as Maui and Ontario. 
His first love as to genre of music is country, but he's now plays many genres which includes pop and rock. Beamer is no stranger to the stage and theatre appearing in several productions and even landed a major role in "Soundstage" musical production and "Whistle Down The Wind". He's proven to be a natural at what he does; one of his biggest thrill is performing in front of large audiences, there's not a shy bone in him; too add to impressive resume' Beamer has won numerous 1st place awards in classic and musical theatre also. 
He's even had the opportunity to open for several headliners, including an English rock artist by the name of Jo Burt. Beamer recently won first place at the Vancouver Pacific National Exhibition “Star Showdown”, a province wide competition where hundreds of artist entered. With his great sense of humor, charming and outgoing personality and musical accomplishments, have achieved him both the desired respect and support from musicians and artists of all ages. At a very tender age of  5, one of his ambition has been to be a musician, and he believe it he's not changed his mind! Beamer's looking forward to interacting with the other kids on "The Teen Nation Tour". To find out more about this rising star, his music please be sure to visit his website at 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This is Maria Diebolt.... is a newcomer to the tour. She's a singer/ songwriter has decided to partner up with several other young talented artist to spread the word about bullying. With the unique sound of her voice; using it for a great cause.

Maria isn't the least bit shy when it comes to singing or public speaking, and has been doing this professional for five years.

At the tender at of fourteen years of age with such of a big heart to want to be on this tour Teen Nation 2013; formerly Country Pop Rock Tour 2012. 

When she steps on the stage Maria commands the attention to her audience as she belts out the soothing ballads. Maria's not just a singer she's spent time studying ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, hip hop, modern and contemporary for eleven years.  Maria was the youngest soloist chosen to perform in front of an estimated crowd of 100,000 people. The multi-talented artist it wouldn't be a shocker to see where she'll be in the next few years.  The event was also televised on WRTV, the local ABC affiliate. To find out more about Maria Diebolt please visit her website at

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Can you say teen heart throb? Tristen is not just your typical singer; he's a young man that has become apart of Teen Nation 2013, formerly know as  Country Pop Rock Tour 2012.

We had a chance to hangout with him last when he came to town for an Anti-Bully cause. This time he's a headliner. Last we met him; he had partnered up with several other artist to promote putting a stop to Bullying.

To a very talented artist has several things under his hat; from singer, dancer, guitarist and actor. So he's no stranger when it comes to being on the stage doing what he does best and that's entertaining. So look at Justin Bieber there's a new fella coming to the stage!

Who said that being a young person that you can't stand up for a cause? Exactly. To often times those that are being bullied hide it in silence and Tristen along with other artist on this tour, decide to bring bullying to a halt. Start speaking out about it!

To learn more about Tristen Blaine and what all he does; please visit his website,


Last year we had the chance to talk with Ms. Riley Roth when she was apart of Country Pop Rock Tour 2012, when they rolled through town pairing up with two of Former Disney Radio, Celeste Kellogg and Tyler Lane. The tour recently changed to Teen Nation Tour 2013, This bright, curly hair, guitar playing and bubbly southern bell will have you falling in love with her!

She is such a sweet young lady, is loads of fun. We have been so amazed that even the young can stand up for a cause such as Anti- Bullying. Along with other talented artist that are touring and speaking out bullying; which is becoming such a problem with people of All ages, they decided to spread the word to their peers.

Riley is a singer/songwriter and a recording artist. She knows her way with guitar too!  Not to mention she's written a book when she was much younger than she is now, there's no telling what other talents she'll pull out of her hat next.

When we met her last year, she had so far accomplished a lot at her age; doing this tour again has been a great experience for her and those that her passion. It's really good to know that not all teenagers are bad, and they can make their mark in the world, by standing up for what they believe. We're looking forward; to seeing what she'll do next. Keep your eyes on this sensational artist.

To find out more about Riley Roth you can visit her website, there you'll find out the type of songs she sings, and what all she's done.